My Oily Story…


For Day 6 of my 30-day blog challenge, I decided to round out my posts.  I have been posting truth and freedom…it’s time for some oils.  🙂

I am Colleen, wife to David, mom to Bri, Ethan and Liam, daughter of the King!  I am a native New Yorker, currently live in the Metro-Atlanta area, but I have hopes and dreams to move back to Orlando, FL in the coming years.  (I lived there for 3 years, 2005-2008).

So!  How have Young Living Essential Oils changed my life???

I grew up with parents who suffered in many, many ways.  Physical ailments, emotional abuse, etc.  I literally watched my parents rot from the inside out, and they have both passed away.  We had NO IDEA what wellness was.  We had NO IDEA just how much of a role nutrition and exercise actually play in our lives.  And we had NO IDEA we were eating our very many emotions.

It was actually after both of my parents had passed away that I first heard of essential oils, spring of 2014.  I bought a bottle off a shelf at the local health food store to add to my DIY laundry detergent and fabric softener.  I had always had reactions to detergents, perfumes, and the like, and I thought I’d try my hand at something that might not cause rashes, headaches, nausea, etc.  But, alas, even my DIY detergent gave me a headache and nausea.  About that time a friend did put me in touch with someone in Young Living, but we were moving to another state, and I never looked into it at that time.

It was a few months after the move to Alabama that I met another Young Living distributor, and that is actually when my oily journey began, August of 2014.

The first thing I learned was that PURITY MATTERS.  The lavender oil I had purchased off the shelf…not pure.  That’s why I experienced a headache and nausea.  I have used at least 40, likely more, different Young Living oils and blends…not once have I experienced any side effects.  I’m not saying they can’t happen…I’m saying it has not happened to me.  And, like I tell EVERY SINGLE PERSON I talk to about oils…I’d love to be part of your oil journey, but what is MOST important to me is that you use Young Living oils because I trust the quality of these oils.  (You can learn more about this at

Until I started using Young Living essential oils I really didn’t understand what wellness was.  I had learned a few things over the years, and I knew in my head that you shouldn’t put a band-aid on illness to cover up the symptoms, but you should get to the root cause.  I simply did not know what it felt like to be well.  I have learned SO MUCH about wellness in the 2-1/2 years since I got my Premium Starter Kit.  Now instead of trying to find something to FIX my ailments, I have the tools to strengthen and support each system of my body BEFORE they need fixing!

We all take wellness detours…but my family takes them a lot less now that we have the education and tools to support wellness.  I still have a long way to go on my wellness journey…but I’m learning more every day.  Young Living is a company dedicated to wellness education, and the men and women who chose to partner with Young Living are in it to see lives changed.  I am truly blessed to be a part of this wellness revolution!

Now it’s my time to pour into others by sharing my Oily Journey…and offering the same message of hope and wellness I have come to know and love.  I would love to partner with you in your wellness quest!  Let’s get started!

O Come to the Alter…

o come to the altar

We’re on Day 5 of a 30-day blog challenge…I skipped writing on Day 4…but in just this short time, my whole life has changed.  At least on the inside.  I have connected with people, I have brushed up against the lives of strangers, and I have removed my head from the sand and actually seen the hurting all around me from neighbors to long-time friends, to virtual strangers, to brothers and sisters in Christ from past church homes.

In just these few days I have heard stories of loved ones passing, deep wounds caused by “the church”, divorces, fear of what the brain scan will show, abuse, major surgeries, loneliness, and hopelessness.  And while these stories come from every corner of my life, they just seem to be coming to me at the same time as the challenge.  Maybe the Lord knew I would need a way to process it all, and writing definitely fits that bill…

As I sat praying, worshiping, and pouring over Scripture with the faces of all those stories heavy on my soul, the Lord put a song on my heart…

Are you hurting and broken within
Overwhelmed by the weight of your sin
Jesus is calling

Have you come to the end of yourself
Do you thirst for a drink from the well
Jesus is calling

O come to the alter
The Father’s arms are open wide
Forgiveness was bought with
The precious blood of Jesus Christ

Leave behind your regrets and mistakes
Come today there’s no reason to wait
Jesus is calling

Bring your sorrows and trade them for joy
From the ashes a new life is born
Jesus is calling

O come to the alter
The Father’s arms are open wide
Forgiveness was bought with
The precious blood of Jesus Christ

Oh what a Savior
Isn’t He wonderful
Sing alleluia
Christ is risen

Bow down before Him
For He is Lord of all
Sing alleluia
Christ is risen

O come to the alter
The Father’s arms are open wide
Forgiveness was bought with
The precious blood of Jesus Christ

Bear your cross as you wait for the crown
Tell the world of the treasure you’ve found

We are all hurting…even when we are rejoicing, there are parts of us that are mourning, scared, alone…

But Jesus is calling!!!  Bring your sorrows and trade them for joy!  From the ashes a new life is born!

Won’t you come with me to the alter?  Daddy’s arms are open wide!  Oh what a Savior, isn’t He wonderful???


At a loss for words…

Well, here I am on Day 3 of the challenge…I was determined not to be sitting at the computer frantically typing to beat the clock tonight.  I’ve thought and prayed all day about what to write…and there was nothing.  Being at a loss for words is not usually a problem for me…yet, that’s where I found myself today…and tonight…

I’ve been pouring over The Word, praying, pleading…and no profound ideas have come…

So here I am, 11:23pm…and all I could think of was to tell you about the place I find myself in life.  I live in a constant state of chaos…I hardly ever feel like I’ve been productive…I can’t see the forest through the trees and it paralyzes me.  I get all caught up in my spaghetti brain…

Have you heard that analogy?  Women have spaghetti brain (EVERYTHING is in a big pile, all intertwined, and we can’t figure out where one string ends and another one begins, or how to deal with just one thing at a time) and men have waffle brains (they can compartmentalize everything and deal with one thing at a time).  It PERFECTLY describes my husband and I.  Lol!

My chaos comes from me not being able to prioritize…I see a ton of stuff all as top priority.  It can’t be that way…but I can’t figure out what’s most important.  Feeding the family, top priority.  Homeschooling, top priority.  Bathing, top priority.  Dishes and laundry, top priority.  Getting my kids help to overcome their challenges, top priority.  Researching what that help might be and how to pay for it, top priority.  Home business, top priority, because earning money means I can get the kids help.  Cleaning/organizing the house so I’m not afraid to open the door when someone knocks, top priority.  Having a place to hold classes so I can earn money to help my kids, top priority.  See?

I’ve lived a very isolated life this last year since moving to Buford…a place where I literally did not know a soul.  Relationships are what energize and excite me!  Connecting with others is what helps me see straight and get things accomplished.  And I’m having trouble connecting with others because I’m paralyzed…

Do you see the irony???

::insert 3-hour gap here::

So one of my besties called…No, I haven’t been on the phone with her for 3 hours!  Lol!  I think we spoke for about an hour to an hour and a half.  God has the best sense of humor!  Really!

I had just been typing the bit about being paralyzed, having trouble connecting, having trouble growing my business so I can help my kids, etc., when Tina called.  Not only is she one of my besties, but she’s also on my Young Living team.  It’s been really difficult to train her because not only does she live in Orlando, but she doesn’t have a working computer or wi-fi at home, because why pay for wi-fi when you don’t have a working computer!

Anyway, Tina called at 11:45pm to ask what to do with the 7-8 ladies at work who want to order oils.  My dear, dear friend has been collecting orders and money and placing these orders for co-workers through her own account because she didn’t know how to help them sign up for themselves.  She called to apologize for not figuring things out already…as if it wasn’t my job to train her!

That’s not the point.  The point is, I’m EXCITED that I now get to hold an online class for those co-workers!  I get to help Tina build her team, which builds my team!  I get to talk about a product I’m OH SO PASSIONATE about to PEOPLE!  (Have I mentioned I find it exciting to talk to people???)  And when my team grows, I get to help my kiddos overcome their challenges.

My kiddos…they are my WHY.  Why I get up every day…why I fight and advocate…why I sacrifice some things so I can be home with them…why I’m willing to persevere in a network marketing business that constantly pushes me out of my comfort zone…

Yes, God has a great sense of humor.

Trust in the Lord, with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
and He will make your paths straight.
Proverbs 3:5-6

It’s like I’m in a comic strip with my words are in the bubble over my head “I don’t know what to do!” and He’s just waiting to show me the path He has already set before me…if I’ll just stop looking at things from my vantage point and look to Him.

I’m so glad He’s ever patient…ever faithful…

I may spontaneously break out into song during every post…”ever faithful” was my trigger this time…

Promise Maker, Promise Keeper
You finish what You begin
Our provision through the desert
You see it through till the end
You see it through till the end

The Lord our God is ever faithful
Never changing through the ages
From this darkness You will lead us
And forever we will say
You’re the Lord our God

In the silence, in the waiting
Still we can know You are good
All Your plans are for Your glory
Yes we can know You are good
Yes we can know You are good

The Lord our God is ever faithful
Never changing through the ages
From this darkness You will lead us
And forever we will say
You’re the Lord our God

We won’t move without You
We won’t move without You
You’re the light of all and all that we need

The Lord our God is ever faithful
Never changing through the ages
From this darkness You will lead us
And forever we will say
You’re the Lord our God

And forever we will say
You’re the Lord our God
And forever we will say
You’re the Lord our God

That song says it all!  ❤




Still waiting…

This post is long overdue…I should have sat down and got these words out two months ago.  But, alas, they wouldn’t come then.  Apparently, today is the day…exactly two months later.

On February 4 I was attending the second day of the local IF Gathering (women’s conference), held at my church home.  I knew the day before…the week before…several weeks before…but I hadn’t been able to bring myself to act.  I knew it had to be that day.  I fought back some of the tears…I shed some of the tears…I prayed for courage…I avoided eye contact…

“Lord…why????  Please, don’t make me do it!  I don’t want to do it!”

But I knew I had to do it.

The conference ended promptly at 4pm, and the room became a flurry of helpers there to transform “the room” back into “the sanctuary” for the Sunday services.  I knew the time had arrived…and then, there across the room, I saw him.  The man I find so dear, who I am so grateful for, and who I had been avoiding for weeks…Pastor Brian.  Brian is seriously one of the dearest men on the planet…I look forward to seeing him every week when I walk through the church doors.  It was breaking my heart all the more that I had been avoiding him.  But, here I was, faced with the moment of truth.  SO, with a huge breath, I made my way across the room…

As usual, Brian greeted me warmly and immediately started asking me how I was.  And I cut him off, finally looking into his eyes with my own tear-filled eyes, and said the words “I’m not going to Uganda this year.”

There…I said it to the blog-o-sphere.  I’m still crying two months later.

Brian graciously asked why, and all I could tell him was that the Lord made evident some areas in our family that need my attention, and going off to Africa was not going to help us in those areas.  I started to know this wasn’t my year on January 15 when we had our first team meeting.  I sat there with the distinct feeling that I wasn’t supposed to be there.  I began praying that if it was the enemy trying to get in the way of what God wanted to do that he would be thwarted…but in my heart, I knew.  I couldn’t bring myself to send out my support letters…I just knew.

Later that same week I went to a personal/business/spiritual development conference, and there God made it ABUNDANTLY clear that this was not my year to go to Uganda.  I can’t tell you how many tears I cried.  Tears of sorrow about not going, but also tears of relief, tears of gratitude, and tears of hope for all God was doing in my heart, my marriage, and my family.  But, still, I couldn’t bring myself to officially remove myself from the team.

I kept putting it on my To Do list…Call Pastor Brian…but I just couldn’t do it.  I would tell myself “I’ll catch him on Sunday”…but then the line of folks waiting to talk to him after service would be 4 people deep and my hungry men couldn’t take it anymore and we’d have to leave before I got my turn.  It was a horrible weight to carry around…

As I walked into the church for the IF Gathering I scanned the room, relieved to know Brian wasn’t there.  And SO SAD at the same time, because I missed greeting my pastor!

I was so afraid someone was going to ask me about the trip…I didn’t want to tell anyone before I told Brian…so I was avoiding eye contact with pretty much everyone.  And, of course, I was still trying to negotiate with God…

And then I found my assigned table…and who was sitting there?  A bunch of women I did not know and had never seen before…except one.  I hadn’t met her, but I knew who she was…Barb…Pastor Brian’s MOTHER.

I was going to spend HOURS that night, and ALL DAY the next day, sitting with this woman, sharing my heart about what the Lord was doing.  R E A L L Y ????  People, I can’t make this stuff up!  And, of course you know, YOU KNOW, Pastor Brian gets his awesomeness from his mother, right???  (No offense to his dad, I’m sure he’s wonderful too!)  Barb is like a walking warm fuzzy!  I seriously had to fight the urge to walk up and hug her before I had ever met her.  FOR REAL.  Seriously.  And there she was, sitting at my table…

Let’s just say that I was not my usual chatty self that night.  I was literally afraid to open my mouth for fear the words would come bounding out “I’M NOT GOING TO UGANDA!!!!”  Sweet Barb, she could tell there was something that needed to come out, but I’m sure she was trying to be sensitive since I was a complete stranger!  Finally, at the end of the night she asked me if there was something I wanted to share…I started crying…she hugged me, and in her ear I said the words “I have to tell Brian I’m not going to Uganda.”  ::insert sobs and blubbering::

Barb was so encouraging…and she looked me dead in the eyes and said “God had you hold that spot for someone…”  ::insert blank stare::

I hadn’t thought of that…I was so caught up in “GOD, I was SURE you said to sign up and pay my deposit…why did You have me sign up if You didn’t want me to go???”, that I never considered that He might have had a reason!  I had hope!  Hope that I really did hear from God in December…and hope that He really did have a purpose for me on THIS team.  And…He did!

That next day, Feb 4, I approached Brian just a few minutes after 4pm to tell him I wasn’t going.  He assured me it was fine, the team exceeded the maximum anyway, no flights had been booked, etc.  There’s always next year.  And I went home, the burden of having to say the words lifted from my shoulders…but still bearing the weight of disappointment…

Not long after I got home my phone rang.  It was Barb.  She couldn’t wait to tell me what she had just witnessed while she was still at the church.  A man walked up to Brian and said something to the effect of “I know the deadline is passed, but the Lord has really been stirring my heart to go to Uganda this year, is there any way I can still go?”  And, stunned Brian got to say something like “As a matter of fact, we just had someone cancel about 20 minutes ago…”

God really did have me sign up for the trip…and He really did have a purpose for me with THIS team…and even though my part isn’t in the going this year, it’s most definitely in the sending.

So yes…my lifelong dream is still yet to be fulfilled…but I still believe “waiting is never wasted when you wait on God” (Louie Giglio)…and “Who you become while you are waiting is as important as what you are waiting for” (Nicky Gumble).

I’m excited about who I am becoming…

A New Beginning…

Well…here I go again…

I used to blog somewhat regularly…I had two blogs on another site, and I kept up with them…sort of…and then I had my boys.  Life has been, shall we say, unpredictable for the past 7 years.  Oh, who are we kidding!  Life is ALWAYS unpredictable…but since having two baby boys (16 months apart), while also raising a teenaged girl, and navigating a relatively new marriage, with oh, five (5!) moves (in 3 different states)…well…you get the idea.  Throw in an expected loss of an ill parent and an unexpected and extremely sudden loss of a sibling…neuro-atypical boys…depression…weight gain…blogs?  What blogs???

Where is my Stress Away???

[If you’re unfamiliar with Stress Away you need to contact me I M M E D I A T E L Y. Stress Away is an essential oil blend by Young Living Essential Oils.  It delivers as promised in its name.  I guess while I’m dousing myself with Stress Away I should also grab the Clarity blend, because obviously I need THAT at the moment!]

So…I considered going back to my old blogs…but they just don’t feel like “home” any more.  So here I am…starting over…Oh my…accepting the challenge to write every day for 30 days starting today…part of me is wondering what in the world I was thinking saying “YES!”  I like to have a plan…a checklist…but this came up quickly, and I jumped right in, and I now have ANOTHER plate to keep spinning, and I HAVE NO PLAN.  [insert hyperventilating here]  I’m really not sure what you’re going to get!  Well, besides the babbling, which is all too evident!  😉

Deep…cleansing…breaths…more oils…

I don’t know what I’m going to write for the next 30 days…but I do know who to ask about it…

Lord…thank You for this challenge.  Thank You for giving me a nudge to do what You’ve called me to do for many years…write…about Your faithfulness, Your goodness, and Your free gift of salvation.  Holy Spirit, I need Your presence.  I need You to reveal the Truth of Scripture to my heart and mind.  King Jesus, may I glorify You with the words I leave here.  Please work through me for the furtherance of Your glorious gospel! Amen.

I hope I say something that encourages you…I hope all the “unpredictable” of my life points you to The One who holds you in the palm of His hand…who loves you, and has always loved you, since before time began.  Life is only unpredictable to you and me because we are finite beings.  But HE, who is infinite, is not caught off guard by this life we live.  And nothing…NOTHING…knocks my socks off more than to think about His great love for me, and how every single, solitary seemingly unpredictable thing has been carefully and adoringly designed for my good.  (Not to mention His glory!)

Before I go off on another tangent, let’s stop here.  You can come back for more babble tomorrow.  😉

Thanks for stopping by…I am truly honored that you have invested your time in my life.


“Let the words of my mouth
and the meditation of my heart
be acceptable in Your sight,
O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.”
Psalm 19:14